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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Love and other four letter words

       People do some crazy things when they are in love. People will go out of their way for one another, they will lie cheat and steal for love. Men will kill for love. Love is the biggest cause of heartache in the world I do believe. That and Women. Women can screw a man up so bad he doesn't know which way he's going. Movies like House of Flying Daggers has taught us that. If your own life experience hasn't.

       Life is another four letter word. So is kill. It's no small wonder why people see four letter words as being such harsh things. Not simply for their explitive value, but because words like life and kill are also four letter words. Like is another four letter word, but like it's not like got ANYTHING to do with love or kill or life right? Word is another four letter word. Human language is as old as we are, and we have developed some pretty amazing things. Food for thought here. In the Czech republic, there are two different words for Love. One means "I love this food" and the other means "I love my Wife". I found this out from a freind of mine. Amazing little tid bit eh? Food is another four letter word we all enjoy. I mean who doesn't enjoy eating a taco? Taco ? WOW.. how about that!? Another four letter word.

         We assume because someone said "I was talking to her and I told her about her FOUR LETTER WORD children". Well now, lets ask ourselves what particular four letter word you were going to use? Nice is a four letter word, maybe they were COOL kids? Why does the term "four letter words" mean something negative? There are plenty of explilives that don't have four  letters. The word for a female dog doesn't have four letters. The noble donkey doesn't have a four letter word for a nickname. Hell does have four letters, but if I say "You won't go to hell for smiling today" is that an obscene comment?

       Oddly enough there are more common words that have four letters than explitives. Think about that for a minute... WHY do we say four letter words are bad? The "F" word is one, sure.. The word for excrament is another. We talked about hell a little bit ago didn't we? So tell me, if only two words off the top of my head that are four letters long are explitives, why does the term "for letter words" mean something so heinous?

Ideas? Thoughts? please??

Good Luck, God Bless, and Thank you for reading.


  1. Now there you go. Went and made me think again! I have been trying to teach my grand kids (the two who live with me, and the one who doesn't) that if you are using a substitute for the cuss word; such as, freaking or fudge instead of saying the F word it is like saying the F word. Then my son pointed out to me that saying heck instead of hell or shoot instead of sh** then I was just being a hypocrite by not allowing them to say 'freaking' and fudge. So at our house we cannot say damn if we put the word God in front of it and they are never allowed to use the "F word" in my presence unless they are old enough to live on their own. Why does life have to be so complicated??

    1. Thanks for the comment. I do appreciate it.

  2. Good thoughts. A word is just a word until we assign a meaning to it in my opinion, and then often the meaning is what we don't want our children to learn to say as in the cases of a few four letter words. I think we put high value on the word, love, for instance. We say "I love my spouse" and the next breath we say "I love pizza" so do we love pizza as much as we love our spouse? I hope not. I'm not sure I have any further thoughts to add to what you already said other than words are powerful and we must learn to control the words we use so as not to hurt others, no matter how many letters may be in them.


    1. Old Chinese Proverb "Make your words sweet and gentle for tomorrow you may have to eat them".
      I love that one. Thanks for the comment and best of luck to you