My Name is Matthew, and I am a soldier. I have an interesting view that I share from time to time with the folks I encounter as I walk the road. Some of those people have encouraged me to seek out ways to help others or simply share my views or ideas with more people. I will blog on many subjects, from things that piss me off on a daily basis to more important issues such as dealing with chronic depression and the struggles that ensue as a result. I will be taking bits and pieces from emails and rants that I have verbalized as well, so if you see something we have talked about please, smile and nod...Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What are you about?

Simple question right?
           One would think that if you were about... Faith for instance, that you go to church often enough to be considered a "regular" there. One might think that if you were about "Morals" that you might be someone with a rather clear definition of your morals and ideals. If you were about money however, one would think that you have a very clear grip on how to earn it, how to spend it properly, and how to save it.

          The reason I ask this question is, because I'm curious what this nation of ours is about? If you take a look at any one person, yourself for instance, and look at your budget. That is the only real way to see what you care about. I believe this because if I care about my car, I will spend money keeping it nice. If I care about food, I will spend money getting the finest produce and so on. If my child is the love of my life, I would do without some comforts like my car or food to ensure that my child has everything he or she needs and maybe even wants.

         So if you look at our Nation's budget you may get confused. I can understand that, we spend money over here, and over there. There are so many different places our money goes that it's confusing because what you think you spend on Cancer research may end up going to provide nutrition to felines suffering with cancer. The point is, you have to look elsewhere.

        Where do you look? If you look at a company, and you study the leader or head of that company, you may find out their morals, ideals, and values. If you are a capitalist, however, the picture changes. You don't really care WHY that person does what they do. You don't care WHO they do it with or even WHAT they do with their time. YOU CARE about how much money they earn or save or produce for YOU. Capitalism is the almighty embodiment of GREED.

        This would suggest that we are a nation of greed then wouldn't it? We are a Capitalist nation...
What if we just care about what's popular? Wait.... I'm not trying to suggest that the presidents of the past were elected simply because of their ability to speak and convince people to LIKE THEM enough to vote for them. Surely the people we freely elected to run this country in the past were chosen for their morals, ideals, or values. Surely a nation such as ours would have taken the time to understand exactly HOW the future or would-be president was living his or her life? Surely we wouldn't vote into power of OUR NATION, OUR HOME the ability to GOVERN OVER US, based on something as trivial as their ability to speak on camera convincingly enough to ... wait... CON ? Us into voting them into power??

          I'm not in any way shape form or fashion bashing any past, present, or future president. For the record, I am simply stating what is so very clear and obvious to me.

         We are a nation who looks at our deficit and CRIES "WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO FIX THIS DEBT ?!" I think to myself, if I needed financial advice.... I'd go to a rich person.....

         I wouldn't care about their morals, ideals, values, or perspective. I would care about WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR ME. At that particular moment of crisis, I need a fix to the situation. NEED. Suddenly I'm in a position to drop off the radar some of my predilections. Suddenly my give a crap about Global Warming evaporates as I watch my balance slowly go further and further into the negatives and I realize that I have to stop this bleeding of money. Suddenly I realize that I MUST do something to fix my situation before I wind up on the street with NOTHING.

       So suddenly I hear today "DONALD TRUMP IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT" I thought, Gosh, he's a smart man. WE NEED A JUNK YARD DOG IN THE RING, not a poodle. WE as a NATION, need a person who is going to bite at the hand that would take our food. We need a person to guard our house from those who would steal our diamonds. We need a representative who is DAMN PROUD to be in a place where people are BEGGING to give him money that he doesn't yet have. This man, actually has people ASKING HIM IF THEY CAN GIVE HIM MONEY. Imagine, if our Country were that prosperous. Then we could afford to give to charity. Then we could afford to help the homeless. As a Nation, if we were that wealthy, and that well ran, we could solve the domestic problems. I'm not saying that Donald Trump is going to sweep down into the White House and solve our nations problems all while balancing a ball on his nose and reciting "Yankee Doodle Dandy". What I am saying is that, if you need a hammer, you grab a hammer. If your Nation is in war, you get a Warrior.

          I feel that we as a nation care too much about how things look or feel to us. I think that as a PERSON, this applies directly to me on an individual level as well. I don't do some things because I'm afraid of how they will be seen. I don't do some things because of my fears of how the things I do might impact those around me. Trust me though, if you enter my house, and attempt to harm my family, you will be shot. I'm not afraid at that moment. I won't care if I'm naked, or if my hair isn't fixed. I won't care if my shirt isn't buttoned. You, get introduced to my pistol, and you stop your effort to harm my family. How far as a Nation must we go before we realize that, it's past the point of being afraid what other nations think of us. They can't think much worse of us than they do now...

That's my two cents, I meant no offense to anyone by writing this, and this is in no way meant to insinuate or harm anyone's feelings or sway opinions toward any one person. This is just the way I feel. These feelings are mine and mine alone.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Good to see you writing again. I have wondered how you have been. I am not one to really get into politics on my blog but I appreciate your view. I feel (almost) the same way about Hillary. Many women run productive homes. We know how to combine roles all into one job. Why not give a woman a chance to see how she does? She can't be any worse than some we have had!

  2. It's nice to see that you still read what I write. I don't think that my idea was so much about politics but about fear and about why and how we do things. Sometimes we as people forget to take care of things we know we need to because of how we feel it will be perceived. Sometimes you have to admit that the right thing to do may not be popular. That's all.

  3. I know a man I didn't vote for and who didn't control his personal lust managed to balance our budget (Bill Clinton). I know an actor could speak eloquently enough in personal correspondence to change the face of the world. (Ronald Reagan). I know a man who couldn't control his lusts had a vision that took us into the 20th century. (JFK) I know a self educated man made a moral decision that tore our nation apart for a time, just because it was the right thing to do. (Lincoln) I know a man in the running that headed a state with a surplus balance in it's budget for years and isn't ashamed to stand for his morals. (Rick Perry) I don't begrudge your view. At least you are really thinking about our nation. Trump is an expert in making money. But those who make oodles of money also sometimes loose oodles of money. Suppose my lower class, blue collar, working man, union back ground makes me suspicious of anyone who has that much financial success. I'd feel like I was making a deal with the devil.

  4. Nice statement!

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